DrAid™ Chest XR

A new age solution in triage and notification for comprehensive chest screening, powered by AI, for 52 abnormalities detection with 91% accuracy.


About DrAid™ Chest XR

Comprehensive Chest Screening is a groundbreaking AI assistant solution for doctors, providing comprehensive chest-based screening for the detection of 52 abnormalities. It covers the pleura, lung fields, as well as the cardiac and mediastinum areas.

By harnessing the power of AI technology, DrAid™ Chest XR offers doctors unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, enabling earlier detection and better patient outcomes.
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• Increase hospital revenue
by detecting treatable diseases

• Reduce hospital costs
and alleviating radiologist shortage 
• Increase efficiency by 30%+
through autonomous screenings

• Increase accuracy by up to 25%

• 24/7 reliable AI (Accuracy > 90%)

• Improve patient outcomes
through early detection

• Reduce litigation risks
caused by missed diagnosis 


Outstanding smart features

  • Triage & Prioritization- Our advanced AI technology automatically flags abnormal cases in the worklist, enabling timely delivery of care to patients.
  • Autonomous Screening Of 52 Disease Classes- Scanning chest X-ray images, our innovative AI technology can reliably detect and localize various critical lung lesions and diseases such as pneumothorax, lung nodule, COVID-19, etc.
  • Available Both on Cloud and on Premise- Our product can be easily deployed both on cloud and on premise to meet the security and performance requirements of every healthcare organization.
  • ChatGPT Support- Our product is now featured with the latest Large Language AI - ChatGPT, which assists doctors in referring to medical information and writing medical reports.
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